Our variety of apples and pears

vieux_pommierOver 30 varieties of apples and pears are available, reaching maturity one after the other. Most are available for u-pick. From all these choices, come and taste an apple from one of the oldest McIntosh tree in Canada, more than 135 years old!


Last update: September 1st, 2015
To help you make your choice, and decide when is the best time to visit us, here you will find information on the most popular varieties available:

Jaune Transparente (pomme blanche) To eat, apple sauce, pies End of July
Vista Bella To eat, jelly Beginning of August
Jerseymac To eat, desserts Middle of August
Melba To eat, apple sauce, pies Middle of August
Summer pears To eat, not suitable for preservation Middle of August
Paulared To eat, desserts End of August
Lobo To eat, apple sauce, pies, desserts Beginning of September
McIntosh To eat, apple sauce, pies, desserts, preservation Middle of September
Gala To eat, pies, meat, preservation

Around September 20th

Pear Beauté flamande To eat, desserts, meat, preservation End of September
Cortland To eat, apple sauce, pies, desserts, preservation Beginning of October
Spartan To eat, desserts, preservation Beginning of October
Empire To eat, jelly, preservation Beginning of October

Golden Russet

To eat, cidre, pies, meat, preservation Middle of October
Not ready
Available for U-Pick
Available at the stand (already picked)
Not available